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2015|16 Annual Report Fraunhofer IGB

78 Initial situation For medical applications, active substances require transport vehicles with surfaces presenting high valence target struc- tures available in combined form. Effective vaccines can also be developed in this way. Furthermore, such vehicles can em- bed drugs and direct them to their site of action. This greatly reduces the adverse effects of drugs and even makes the use of some new active substances possible in the first place Potential of virus-like particles Virus-like particles (VLPs) are biobased protein capsules that imitate virus capsids but are not infectious. Due to their stabil- ity, size and the large number of surface functions, VLPs are perfectly suitable as the basis for vaccines. Thus, they can be used instead of viruses that are difficult or impossible to cul- ture in vitro. Alternatively, VLP basic structures can be used to present unrelated antigens on their surface. In addition, VLPs can be used as biocontainers for drug delivery and have great potential in intravenous administration of active substances. VLPs, in particular those that originate from RNA viruses, are ideal vehicles for embedding therapeutic RNAs and thus for protected target control of RNAs toward their target cells. Standardized production process as a solution The potential of VLPs has not been fully exploited yet by any means, especially because there are no standardized processes for their production pression and purification procedures are generally developed on an individual basis and optimized for each protein or VLP. However, this empirical and individu- ally tailored approach is time- and cost-intensive and thus represents a challenge for industrial production. Processes for P production can be considerably simplified and standard- ized using basic structures that can be adapted for numerous applications in a modular manner. The goal of this project is to develop a modular system for the production of VLPs. A basic module with an inner capsular structure will be genetically equipped with a functionally vari- able protein surface that serves either for targeted control of VLPs (drug delivery) or vaccine development. Since the basic module always remains unaltered and only the protein surface is specific, production of Ps can be standardi ed compared to current systems and thus can be carried out in a reproduc- ible, cost- and time-effective manner. PHARMACY PRODUCTION OF VIRUS-LIKE PARTICLES FOR PHARMACEUTICAL APPLICATIONS Susanne M. Bailer 1 sequence expression purification ATGGTAAGCCTATCCCTA ACCCTCTCCTCGGTCTCAT TCTACGCGTACCGGTCAT CATCACCATCACCATTGA GTTTAAACCCGCTGATCC TAG