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73 Dr. rer. nat. Michael Haupt Phone +49 711 970-4028 Dr. rer. nat. Iris Trick Phone +49 711 970-4217 Contact Literature [1] Weltgesundheitsorganisation Europa (2015) Salmonellen in der Europäischen Union, (accessed on November 17, 2015) [2] Hugas, M.; Beloeil, P. A. (2014) Controlling Salmonella along the food chain in the European Union – progress over the last ten years [3] BfR (2006) Krankmachende Salmonellen in knapp 30 Prozent der großen Legehennenbetriebe nachgewiesen, 18/2006, 29.06.2006 Funding This project has received funding from the European Union’s Sev- enth Framework Programme for research, technological develop- ment and demonstration under grant agreement no. 605309. Further information and project partners resistance to radiation were involved, a reduction factor of RF = 4 could be demonstrated with as little as 60 seconds of irradiation. The results obtained with spores of Bacillus atro- phaeus thus far are very promising and open up further ap- plication areas for the highly effective excimer plasma lamps. Prospects We were able to show that radiation from excimer plasma lamps can be very effective against bacteria and even spores. The UV irradiation system developed by Fraunhofer IGB is a technologically simple and cost-effective alternative to other disinfection or sterilization techniques – one that can be adapted to numerous applications such as in the pharmaceuti- cal and medical fields There are also applications for steril- izing plastic packaging materials used with foodstuffs. In addition, the lamps can also be utilized for activating the surfaces of adhesives, paint, or printed matter. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of radiation sources for your specialized application and provide assistance in implementation. 1 Dangerous Salmonella can reside on egg shells. 2 Measurement results following irradiation of Salmonella spec. on test specimens using various lamps. 3 Excimer plasma lamp that emits UV radiation at 282 nm. 3 reductionfactor radiation time in seconds 0 105 15 20 25 30 7 0 1 2 4 3 5 6 xenon chloride 308 nm xenon bromide 282 nm krypton chloride 222 nm LEDs 2 1 The reduction factor RF is calculated from the starting cell count used and the re-cultivable cells (RF=log (starting cell count) – log (number of re-cultivable cells). A RF of 5 for example indicates a cell count reduction by a factor of 105 . Phone +49711970-4028 Phone +49711970-4217 010515202530