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67 Dr. rer. nat. Silke Grumaz Phone +49 711 970-4078 Dr. rer. nat. Kai Sohn Phone +49 711 970-4055 Contact Literature [1] Engel, C.; Brunkhorst, F. M.; Bone, H.-G.; Brunkhorst, R.; Gerlach, H.; Grond, S.; Gruendling, M.; Huhle, G.; Jaschinski, U.; John, S.; Mayer, K.; Oppert, M.; Olthoff, D.; Quintel, M.; Ragaller, M.; Rossaint, R.; Stuber, F.; Weiler, N.; Welte, T.; Bogatsch, H.; artog, oeffler, M Reinhart, pidemiology of sep- sis in Germany: results from a national prospective multicenter study, Intensive care medicine 33: 606–18 [2] Schmitz, R. P.; Keller, P. M.; Baier, M.; Hagel, S.; Pletz, M. W.; Brunkhorst, F. M. (2013) Quality of blood culture testing – a sur- vey in intensive care units and microbiological laboratories across four European countries, Critical Care 17: R248 [3] Lo, Y. M.; Chiu, R. W. K. (2011) Plasma nucleic acid analysis by massively parallel sequencing: pathological insights and diagnos- tic implications, Journal of Pathology 225: 318–323 Funding We would like to thank the Fraunhofer-Zukunftsstiftung (Fraunhofer Future Foundation) for funding the “Ribolution” project. Project partner Heidelberg University Hospital Future prospects ince the field of se uencing technology is advancing very dynamically, we are working on transporting the technique to various sequencing platforms in order to be able to reduce the time from sample to result even further. With several of these platforms, the diagnosis time will soon be driven down to six or eight hours, offering a crucial advantage for patient man- agement. A larger multi-center validation study in partnership with renowned clinics is also being planned for 2016. The methodology additionally has the potential of being employed with other infectious and difficult-to-diagnose diseases 1 Intensive care station. 2 Scanning electron micrograph of Escherichia coli. 3 Parallel nucleic acid sequencer at Fraunhofer IGB. 2 3 Phone +49711970-4078 Phone +49711970-4055 23