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Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB Translational Center “Regenerative Therapies for Oncology and Musculoskeletal Diseases”, Würzburg branch Röntgenring 11 | 97070 Würzburg | Germany Prof. Dr. hum. biol. Heike Walles Phone +49 931 31-88828 Fax +49 931 31-81068 ContactThe main focus of the Department Theranostics is on the development of products enabling a highly efficient and per- sonalized companion in vitro diagnostics and even combine diagnosis and therapy in situ. In the Department Bioreactors, a bioreactor platform has been developed for applications in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and for the extracorporeal preservation of organs and tissues basic specification of our system is that the bio- reactor platform is applicable to a large user community in the field of research and development, and within the industry Range of services Manufacturing and biochemical modification of scaffolds for tissue engineering by means of electro- spinning and biofabrication processes – in cooperation with the Department for Functional Materials in Medicine and Dentistry (FMZ) at the University of Würzburg Optimi ation of culture conditions and tissue-specific differentiation of iPS cells Tissue models using iPS or primary human cells Isolation of primary human stem and tumor cells Co-cultures for generating vascularized tissue models, particularly for the human barrier organs Disease and infection models based on tissue models Co-cultures to generate human solid tumors in vitro as tumor test systems pecific bioreactors, sensors, and incubators for tissue engineering Human vascularized (tumor) tissue for the optimization of medical products, to establish individual diagnostics and personalized therapies, including ATMPs Biological cell analysis of tumor tissue: molecular biologi- cal, histological, and immuno-histochemical methods, flow cytometry Target screening for new tumor therapeutics In silico models for the pharmaceutical industry Value chain Simulation of clinical therapy regimens involving the examination of the active principle and/or the side effects of a new drug candidate using vascularized human tumor and tissue models (disease models) Use of the tissue models in the process development to optimize drugs or diagnostic agents Implementation and validation of in vitro test systems as alternatives to animal testing at the end of pre-clincial development phase tudies on the efficacy of new pharmaceutical agents currently undergoing evaluation for clinical use Cooperation with the University of Würzburg Medical Faculty in order to organize clinical phases I–III Infrastructure and technical equipment Cell culture laboratory for work on safety levels S1 and S2 GenTSV (German genetic engineering safety regulations) Pre-clinical study unit – in cooperation with FMZ, DZHi, and the University Hospital of Würzburg ell analysis inverse fluorescence microscope, , microdissection system, Raman spectroscopy 53 Phone +4993131-88828 Fax +4993131-81068