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Dr.-Ing. Ursula Schließmann Head of Department Phone +49 711 970-4222 Contactpolicymakers design a balanced future. Combining our com- petences with those of other Fraunhofer IGB departments, we serve the needs of the chemical, energy and environmental business areas. Range of services Development of regional-level system concepts for energy, waste and water management Concepts for resource-conserving production in companies the ultra-efficient factory astewater and water purification methods for industry and communities Bio- process engineering processes for water purification Development of utilization concepts for both inorganic and organic waste materials Digestion processes for producing biogas from a range of organic substrates in different temperature ranges Aerobic and anaerobic tests on the degradability of organic residues Fermentation tests in line with VDI 4630 Development of photoautotrophic processes for micro- algae and cyanobacteria cultivation in photobioreactors including process control and automation Development of heterotrophic processes for microalgae Biotransformation of renewable raw materials and industrial waste materials into basic chemicals and energy carriers (methanol, ethanol, etc.) Downstream processing technologies such as membrane- based filtration processes, li uid-li uid e traction, and extraction with supercritical media Analysis of microbial contamination on surfaces, including development of test procedures Development of real-time processes for monitoring water systems for contamination Bioleaching, biosorption, bioprecipitation processes for recovery of metals from different types of process water and waste streams using different reactor configurations Modeling of processes and simulation of process lines Infrastructure and technical equipment Pilot plant for environmental and bioprocess engineering applications Bioreactors of various sizes (laboratory, pilot and industrial scale) for aqueous substrates, substrates containing a high level of solids, gaseous substrates, including cell retention Analytics for substrates and fermentation products, protein analytics, online mass spectrometry Mobile pilot plants on a cubic-meter-scale to generate basic engineering data for the planning of demonstration plants Demonstration and reference plants for anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment, high-load digestion, bioenergy, algal technology Demonstration sites for wastewater treatment, bioenergy, and cultivation of algae Photobioreactors of various sizes with special control and automation concepts for laboratory, outdoor and green- house applications Test facilities for different membrane processes (e.g. rotat- ing disk filtration uipment and official approvals for handling pathogenic organisms pecial apparatuses for testing antimicrobially finished materials Test facilities for cell disruption and extraction with solvents or supercritical fluids GIS applications using the ESRI ARC-INFO software; process simulation and automation (MATLAB, Siemens programming) 45 Phone +49711970-4222