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2015|16 Annual Report Fraunhofer IGB - PHYSICAL PROCESS TECHNOLOGY

Contact Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Egner Head of Department Phone +49 711 970-3643 siegfried.egner@igb.fraunhofer.deproject teams. Projects may also involve collaboration with specialists from other Fraunhofer IGB departments, such as microbiologists and bioengineers, or from other Fraunhofer Institutes and affiliated universities, leveraging synergies in e pertise to address specific issues Range of services Process development carried out by an interdisciplinary team drawn from the areas of process, mechanical and chemical engineering esign and operational specifications including characterization of automation algorithms, to enable industrial prototypes Feasibility studies and preliminary investigations in laboratory and pilot-plant scale Infrastructure and technical equipment Laboratory systems for the analysis, parameterization, evaluation, and demonstration of the processing of industrial process water Pilot plants for advanced oxidation processes (AOP) such as electro-physical precipitation, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, photolysis by UV radiation, ultrasound, anodal oxidation (direct or indirect), and cathode reactions Mobile pilot plants for on-site feasibility investigations and demonstrations, for example for drying with superheated steam or for water treatment Design and simulation software (SolidWorks, CST Microwave Studio® , COMSOL MultiPhysics® , Design-Expert Workstation) 4 3 Phone +49711970-3643 43