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2015|16 Annual Report Fraunhofer IGB - PROMOTING YOUNG TALENTS

33 Checkpoint Future “Checkpoint Future” is the day for students to visit the Stutt- gart Fraunhofer campus. At this year’s event, on November 27, 2015, students from different subjects were able to inform themselves about Fraunhofer as an employer and about career opportunities in science. In addition to an introduction to all Stuttgart institutes and a panel discussion on “Career with Fraunhofer”, the student day offered participants numer- ous tours of the institute. They were given insight into the scientific work of raunhofer and an overview of its diverse research topics. Fraunhofer IGB participated this year with tours on the subjects “Nature’s own chemical plant”, “Tissue engineering – tailored tissue from the laboratory”, and “Algal technology” . “Your Future in Stuttgart” – Special interest day for international students On pril , , the first special interest day for interna- tional students was held in the Stuttgart Town Hall. The in- formation session was initiated by the City to inspire students from abroad registered at regional universities to pursue a professional future in Stuttgart, the location of science and business. The Stuttgart-based Fraunhofer Institutes and other business enterprises and research institutions were involved in the information program, and related job fair. Dual training at Fraunhofer IGB In addition to the training and support of students, of impor- tance to Fraunhofer IGB is also the non-university vocational training. Therefore, the institute offers positions in different vocations. In 2015, two new appointments were made. This brings the total number of trainees to eight young women and men. At Fraunhofer IGB, trainees have the opportunity to work alongside the vocational school in the various work areas of a research institute and thereby acquire the skills necessary for future work in research or industry. If trainees subsequently select the possibility of studying or in-service training, the institute will support them. The administration offers young people the opportunity to complete training as an administrator for office management Currently four associates are doing the three-year training. In addition, Fraunhofer IGB trains two IT-specialists for system integration in its IT section. Trainee positions also exist in the research departments cientifically interested and talented young people can be instructed to become chemical or bio- logical laboratory assistants at the institute. Currently there are two laboratory assistants in training. For further information on promotion of young scientists and training please visit 2 2 1