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2015|16 Annual Report Fraunhofer IGB

32 PROMOTING YOUNG TALENTS Fraunhofer Talent School The Fraunhofer Talent School offers students aged 15+ the opportunity to experience, during a weekend, a comprehen- sive overview of the research and work at Fraunhofer in Stutt- gart. Within this scope, the participating institutes organized workshops in which young people can experience hands-on research and try out interesting projects themselves. The Department of Molecular Biotechnology was involved with the workshop “CSI Stuttgart” for Fraunhofer IGB. By means of forensics, the ten participants solved a criminal case in the laboratory by isolating DNA and characterizing mol- ecules from saliva samples. Girls‘ Day Already for the 15th time the nationwide Girls’ Day took place in April, 2015. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research initiated this day of action to inspire young girls to pursue a career in STEM professions. Although the young girl generation is well-schooled, relatively few girls still opt for a career in these areas. Instead they tend to assume “typically female” occupations. In 2015, 79 students from grades 7 to 10 came to the Fraunhofer Institute Center Stuttgart for Girls’ Day. Four insti- tutes provided eight tours to feature the various professional and research fields at the tuttgart raunhofer campus In two guided tours, Fraunhofer IGB introduced the participants to the subjects “Tailored tissue from the laboratory” and “Water and raw materials from wastewater and waste” and showed what career paths e ist in the institute in the fields of biology, chemistry, and process engineering as well as in interdisciplin- ary areas. BoGy – Career and Study Orientation at Grammar Schools Once again, in 2015, the Stuttgart-based Fraunhofer Institutes offered numerous weeklong BoGy internships for high school students. Eleven students arrived this year for two weeks in the spring and fall at Fraunhofer IGB. Particularly pleasing was the high proportion of interested female students – eight of the eleven participants were girls. During their internship, the students were given insight into the work and research of the institute. They met and learned about the activities of scientists and graduate students from different disciplines and about typical occupations at such a research institute. 1 An official goal of Fraunhofer IGB is to inspire young people for a future in science. For this reason, Fraunhofer IGB and the other institutes at the Stuttgart Fraunhofer campus are especially involved when it comes to familiarizing students with professions in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math- ematics) subjects. In addition, Fraunhofer Stuttgart also gives offers to students of science-oriented subjects so that they can affirm their choice of study in order to win them for a career at Fraunhofer. HIGHLIGHTS 2015