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2015|16 Annual Report Fraunhofer IGB

29 Research Strategy and Business Development Dipl.-Agr.-Biol. Sabine Krieg MBA International inquiries, project initiation Phone +49 711 970-4003 Dipl.-Kffr. Jenny Bräutigam EU projects, project management Phone +49 711 970-4070 To further develop the exceptional valve material together with excellent colleagues, the extraordinary scientist travelled halfway around the world. Her goal: adding a second layer of tropoelastin to the material. During her stay from July to September 2015 she developed, with the working group of worldwide leading expert Prof. Tony Weiss at the University of Sydney, a material consisting of an electrospun scaffold coated with tropoelastin silk and at the same time set the course for a long-term scientific partnership er stay has been supported by the Fraunhofer TALENTA program and a grant from Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) for the stimulation of international cooperation. Russia – Sewage treatment DBU stipendiary at BioCat in Straubing As a new research team member of the IGB Straubing branch Bio, Electro, and Chemocatalysis BioCat, the Russian engineer Olesia Dolganova dedicates her work to the application of phyto-technological approaches in sewage purification grant of the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) allows her to conduct her research together with her German colleagues at Fraunhofer IGB. Olesia Dolganova received her engineering degree in the field of se and protection of water resources” at the University of Kaliningrad, Russia. She holds the UMNIK Award, supporting excellent young scientists at the age of 18–28 in the development of new technologies. The award supports young highly committed researchers in the creation of their own start-up company. At Fraunhofer IGB Straubing branch, Olesia Dolganova continued her project successfully together with her mentor Dr. Tobias Gärtner, manager of the research group “Design and development of chemical catalysts”. Contact 3 Phone +49711970-4003 Phone +49711970-4070