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2015|16 Annual Report Fraunhofer IGB

26 FRAUNHOFER IGB INTERNATIONAL HIGHLIGHTS 2015 New EU projects in “Horizon 2020” “Horizon 2020” is the European Union’s 8th supporting program for research and innovation. With nearly 80 billion euros of funding, it is the world’s largest self-sustained fund- ing program for research and innovation over the seven-year period from 2014 to 2020. It aims to ensure first-class research in urope, remove barriers to innovation, and open access to innovation in the public and private sectors. “Horizon 2020” aims to establish a society supported by knowledge and innovation and a competitive economy in all of Europe – all the while contributing to a sustainable economy. The deadlines of the first two-year work program of ori on 2020” elapsed in the summer of 2015. Fraunhofer IGB has al- ready achieved positive results, and is delighted to be involved in six new projects and in the coordination of two others. New projects in Pillar I “Excellent Science” Amicrex raunhofer I B would like to welcome its first recipient of the Marie k odowska- urie scholarship under ori on , Dr. Katalin Solyom. Since May 2015, the Hungarian scientist has been researching in her Amicrex project the development of an integrated process for the production of high-quality, non-polar components from residues of food and agricultural production for use as additives in the food and cosmetic industries. ERIFORE raunhofer BP will participate in the pro ect RI OR as of January 1, 2016. This is a trans-European network scheme in the area of ircular orest Bioeconomy New projects in Pillar II “Industrial Leadership” Fraunhofer IGB is involved in the coordination and support action RTI O in the field of water, which complies with a trans-European networking function in this area. RTI O started on anuary , long with this is the recently announced participation in the “Fast Track to Innovation” project ELSi, which is conducting research in the field of photovoltaic module recycling with strong industry participation. ELSi is scheduled to begin shortly. New projects in Pillar III “Societal Challenges” Since August 1, 2015, scientists of Fraunhofer IGB have been involved in the BBI (bio-based industries) public-private partnership pro ect RBO R In the field of health, we are pleased to be a participant in the pro ect BIO- IP, which was launched on ovember , and is dedicated to innovative treatment options for knee cartilage in uries In ovember 2015, we also received funding approval for participation in the area of bio-economy the pro ect BI O has started on March 1, 2016. 1 1