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129 we were also able to study a completely new development for utilization of renewably generated hydrogen. This involves metallic catalysts where the substrate was produced by pyro- lysing a deep eutectic solvent composed of urea and glucose. Enzymes for electrode reactions Various enzymes for electrode reactions were selected in the work on bio-electrocatalysts and molecular-biological methods developed for synthesizing these potential catalysts. In the further course of the work, we produced recombinant enzymes and optimized their preparation. Different methods for determining the activity of bio-electrocatalysts were developed with which the first biochemical reactions with O2 could be demonstrated. Prospects The conversions developed and in development at the Center for Energy Storage based on CO2 and renewable energy create a sustainable link between the energy and chemistry sectors and acquire greater importance with the conclusion of the Paris Agreement on climate change. The work of Fraunhofer IGB through its BioCat branch in Straubing can make an im- portant contribution to the success of the energy transition. Dr. rer. nat. Tobias Gärtner Phone +49 9421 187-352 Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Volker Sieber Phone +49 9421 187-366 Contact Literature [1] (accessed in Decem- ber 2015) [2] (accessed in December 2015) Funding We would like to thank the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology for funding the project “Centrum für Energiespeicherung”. Project partner Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Branch Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany Further information 1 Manufacture of biocatalysts. 2 Batch reactor for CO2 conversion. 3 Schematic representation of an electro-biocatalyst reaction. 4 Target products are synthetic fuels, for example. 43 FAD [2Fe–2S] e– e– e– PF0894PF0892 PF0891 FAD [2Fe–2S] [4Fe–4S] [4Fe–4S] [4Fe–4S] [4Fe–4S] [4Fe–4S] S S S S Ni CN CO CN Fe e– e– NADPH 2H+ NADP+ H2 reduction Phone +499421187-352 Phone +499421187-366