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127 Contact Literature [1] Consumers identify with environmental issues: Environmental leader (1st September 2009) [2] Consumer-demand-for-sustainability-leads-to-green-focus-for- chemical-industry (accessed on December 22, 2015) [3] FP5 Project report VIEWLS [4] Biomass potential and potential development: M. Pisarek 1st European Summer School on Renewable Motor Fuels (31st August 2005) Funding The research project “SteamBio” has received funding from the European Union’s Eighth Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 under grant agreement no. 636865. Further information and project partners concept is to create a commercially utilizable platform. The fle ible design of the process with a modular setup permits mobile operation, depending on seasonal fluctuations, with smaller throughputs and also use at fi ed locations with high throughput rates. One-year study with transportable demonstrator Use of the SteamBio technology in a new marketplace also requires the development of new business models in order to establish the entire value creation chain. Within the frame- work of the project, a transportable demonstrator with a throughput of 500 kg lignocellulosic biomass per hour will be built This will be operated and optimi ed at five locations in rural areas across Europe. A total of six different agricultural and forestry residues (e.g. coniferous wood, oak, straw, etc.) will be torrefied using the demonstrator Both the solid and the separated volatile components of the torrefied biomass can be used as a carbon-source in the chemical industry and as green fuel for bioenergy applica- tions. The demonstration will extend over a whole year, so as to take into account the seasonal fluctuations of the raw material. 1 Lignocellulosic biomass – the raw material for the torrefaction process. 2 Long distances between the main forestry areas and the European chemical industry. 3 Torrefaction plant for test trials. 4 Window to the process chamber with temperature measurement. Sukhanes Laopeamthong M. Sc. Phone +49 711 970-3538 sukhanes.laopeamthong@ Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Egner Phone +49 711 970-3643 3 4 Phone +49711970-3538 Phone +49711970-3643 34