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2015|16 Annual Report Fraunhofer IGB - MORGENSTADT – CITY LAB TBILISI

117 Dr.-Ing. Marius Mohr Phone +49 711 970-4216 Dr.-Ing. Ursula Schließmann Phone +49 711 970-4222 Contact Literature [1] Vester, F. (2002) Die Kunst vernetzt zu denken: Ideen und Werkzeuge für einen neuen Umgang mit Komplexität. Ein Bericht an den Club of Rome. dtv-Verlag, ISBN 3-423-33077-5 Funding We would like to thank the German Federal Ministry for Eco- nomic Cooperation and Development for funding the project. Project partners Fraunhofer IAO, Stuttgart, Germany | Drees & Sommer, Stutt- gart, Germany Further information On the other hand, since 1990 there has been a strong trend toward privatization and deregulation. For example, the water supply, sewage disposal, and also the power grid and gas supplies are currently privately owned. The biological stage of the central sewage treatment plant, originally designed for the mechanical-biological treatment of a million cubic meters of wastewater per day, is out of operation and the wastewater – now only treated mechanically – is discharged into the Mtkvari river. The green areas (parks and gardens), which until 1990 existed in many parts of the city as a result of the centralized planning, have since been greatly reduced by unregulated construction activity uring rush hours the traffic fre uently comes to a standstill on roads that are mostly in a state of disrepair. Many manufacturing enterprises had to close down, so now there are uite a number of brownfield sites in the city The emigration of many skilled and ualified people and the influ of low-skilled workers from the surrounding areas also represents a challenge. However, as the undisputed center in Georgia, Tbilisi pos- sesses a large number of universities and technical colleges. Tbilisi has interesting perspectives for the future because of its location between Russia, Iran and Turkey and because its sur- roundings are attractive to tourists. The city itself is also well worth seeing and tourism is growing. And last but not least, Georgia is, in addition to other aspects, a valuable trade part- ner of the EU and the USA due to the functioning democracy and a gas pipeline from Azerbaijan to the Black Sea. 3 4 5 1+2 Tbilisi is a city well worth seeing. 3+ 4 Prefabricated panel buildings, brownfield sites and an ailing infrastructure are distinctive features of the city of Tbilisi. 5 City Lab: objectives and a roadmap for sustainable urban development. Phone +49711970-4216 Phone +49711970-4222 345