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115 PROCESS EMISSIONS HUMAN/ PERSONAL 1 Dr.-Ing. Ursula Schließmann Phone +49 711 970-4222 Jan Moritz Iden B. Sc Phone +49 711 970-4030 Contact Funding We would like to thank the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector Baden-Württemberg for fund- ing the project. Project partners Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart (Project Coordination), Germany | Fraunhofer IAO, Stuttgart, Germany Further information www ultraeffi ien fabrik de In order to select suitable optimization measures a compre- hensive best practice database was created for the period of the project; this helps the companies to identify the appropri- ate optimization possibilities to meet their needs. The model of the ultra-efficient factory includes performance indicators, degrees of maturity and examples of best practice to take into account “Supply and Recycling of Raw Materials”. Optimization by means of process technology Several companies from various branches of industry have already been analyzed and optimized with the help of the Ultra-F-Checks, thus making it possible to try out and further optimize the implementation of the various Ultra-F-Checks. One of our customers discovered the need for optimization in the area of wastewater treatment by carrying out the Ultra-F-Check. As a direct measure Fraunhofer IGB is currently planning a new concept for the treatment of wastewater with sulfate content by means of physical/chemical treatment and subse uent biological purification s a result of the process optimization, the prescribed threshold values can be complied with more easily and the result is a smaller volume of solids requiring disposal. ithin the scope of the pro ect The ultra-efficient factory Resource-efficient production without emissions in urban areas” Fraunhofer IGB’s expertise lies in the optimization of process technology in the field of water management, indus- trial wastewater treatment, environmental technology as well as the recovery of products from organic residues. 1 Action fields and assessment levels of the ultra-efficient factory. 2 Integrated approach to sustainable production. 2 WASTE ENERGY MATERIAL STAFF CAPITAL PRODUCT USE ENERGY RECYCLING MATERIAL RECYCLING ADDED VALUE PLANNING FACTORS/IT FACTORY NEW RECYCLING PROCESSES EMISSIONS WASTE Phone +49711970-4222 Phone +49711970-4030