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2015|16 Annual Report Fraunhofer IGB

Initial situation The pro ect The ultra-efficient factory Resource-efficient production without emissions in urban areas” aims to create an optimally designed factory that does not cause any envi- ronmental impacts and where the resources being used are processed without any losses s a result, the ultra-efficient factory can also manufacture in urban areas, without impact- ing negatively on its surroundings. Against this background three Fraunhofer Institutes have set themselves the goal of formulating a concept of how the ultra-efficient factory should be structured, and how existing companies can be evaluated and improved on the basis of this concept. The first phase of the pro ect involved developing the concept of the ultra-efficient factory and establishing a comprehensive maturity model with a scaled indicator model for assessing ultra-efficient factories Tomorrow’s production Producing efficiently and effectively to the highest techni- cal standards, at the same time minimizing or avoiding environmental impact and resolving the conflicting aims in brief, harmonizing future industrial production with urban life – is what lies behind the integrated (holistic) approach of the ultra-efficient factory The ultra-efficient factory is an approach that reconciles efficiency diminishing it as little as possible) and effectiveness (as ecologically compatible as pos- sible , and further develops ultra-efficiency Thus, the focus of attention is no longer on production alone; the whole manufacturing environment is integrated In the ultra-efficient factory the action fields of energy, materials, emissions, people/personnel and the organization are examined at vari- ous levels (Fig. 1). All the topics and areas that are relevant for a company are dealt with and analyzed on the basis of this holistic approach. The path to ultra-efficiency Three checks were developed in the project: the Ultra-F-Check Basic, the Ultra-F-Check and the Ultra-F-Check Professional. These checks help companies to classify and upgrade them- selves within the conte t of an ultra-efficient factory The ltra- F-Check Basic is an online-based test which gives enterprises an initial assessment – based on the holistic approach – of their status compared with other companies The test provides a first compact overview of the efficiency of each company ith the ltra- - heck the individual degree of ultra-efficien- cy is determined at on-site meetings and inspections. After evaluating this check, the potential for improvement can be shown at the various assessment levels of process, production and factory and also in the action fields of energy, materials, emissions, people/personnel and organization. The check provides companies with a comprehensive, integrated ap- proach they can then plan and implement specific measures for increasing effectiveness and efficiency The Ultra-F-Check Professional is a computer-aided detailed analysis of a company By incorporating specific company indicators, the interactions between various parameters can be demonstrated and optimization measures and their effects can be represented in detail. Besides the interaction between the various parameters – such as the consumption of energy, the use of alternative raw materials and the occurance of residues or waste water – the economic impact of optimiza- tion measures is also clearly indicated. 114 THE ULTRA-EFFICIENT FACTORY – PRODUCING WITHOUT LOSSES IN A LIVABLE ENVIRONMENT Ursula Schließmann, Jan Iden ENVIRONMENT