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2015|16 Annual Report Fraunhofer IGB - ENVIRONMENT

111 ENVIRONMENT Against the backdrop of the global debate on global warming, resource scarcity and water pollution, resource and environmentally friendly economies are all the more important. In national and international projects with partners from research, industry and communities, the Fraunhofer IGB is developing innovative processes, reactors and apparatuses for a sustainable treatment of urban wastewater and industrial process water, exhaust air, contaminated soils and wastes. The environment business area thus stands for a variety of advanced technological developments that help to prevent a negative impact on the environment, and that combines economy with sustainability. Tasks and resolution approaches are, in many cases, linked with major topics in the business areas energy and chemistry. Recovery of secondary raw materials ue to the finiteness of primary raw materials, we develop processes which enable recovery from production and waste streams for reuse as sec- ondary raw materials – in a quality equivalent to that of primary raw materials and with a com- parable process complexity. For inorganic raw materials (metals, rare earths), for example, we develop new reprocessing methods by which dissolved mixtures can be selectively separated on a molecular or atomic level. In the area of soil, we conceive of and realize methods for the recovery and processing of dissolved or organically bound phosphorus for use as high-quality fertilizers and soil conditioners. Improving resource efficiency In order to increase the efficiency of the raw materials used, our goal is to establish closed loop recycling systems as completely as possible. An ex- ample is the entire utilization of biogenic resources, where we combine a cascaded use of the material with energy recovery. In the regenerative production of algal biomass for material and energy use, an additional focus, the climate is saved through the fi ation of carbon dio ide and high-value raw materials, such as for organic crop protection. Wastewater treatment – Fraunhofer IGB offers innovative, infrastructural concepts as solu- tions, each of which is adapted to geographic, demographic and regional parameters, for an economical and ecological, semi-decentralized energy and water management. We use a variety of different technologies to prevent the emission of particulate or dissolved, persistent micro-pollutants. The recovery of components from agro-industrial process waters or from mu- nicipal wastewater treatment plants in the form of fertili ers combines wastewater purification with material value. For the inclusion of additional expertise, Fraunhofer IGB is engaged in the Fraunhofer Alliances Building Innovation, Cleaning Technology, Water Systems, Food Chain Management and En- ergy, the Fraunhofer System Research for “Morgenstadt” as well as in the national technology platform SusChem Deutschland, and is also excellently networked internationally, particularly within Europe.