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107 Dr. rer. nat. Ana Lucía Vásquez Caicedo Phone +49 711 970-3669 Dr.-Ing. Carsten Pietzka Phone +49 711 970-4115 ContactOptimized process for fractionation The project focused on the enrichment of a whey protein suspension containing casein macropeptide (CMP), the hydro- philic fraction of κ-casein that remains in the whey. Separation of CMP from α-lactalbumin (α-La) and β-lactoglobulin (β-Lg) re uires a fine ad ustment and monitoring of parameters due to the narrow range in which their isoelectric points are found The electric field applied is able to retain these substances at the retentate side while CMP is transmitted to the permeate under the influence of the transmembrane pressure. Commercial benchmark formulas report a CMP concentration ranging from 75 to 85 percent of total protein. Accordingly, our laboratory trials successfully enriched CMP to a concentration of 81 percent of total proteins transmitted to the permeate (Fig. 2), increasing over 10-fold the CMP/β-Lg ratio in a single step. After process optimization at laboratory level, a pilot unit was developed. The core of this unit is an optimized EMF cell, which takes into account an optimum distribution of electric field, minimi es p shifts and ensures the ad ustment of the crossflow and transmembrane pressure to the re uired range The unit operates in semi-batch mode (feed and bleed) with feed flow of h at optimum transmembrane pres- sure conditions (Fig. 3). Validation of the process up-scale is ongoing. 1 Operation principle of electro- membrane filtration (EMF). 2 Enrichment of casein macropeptides via electro-membrane filtration. 3 Whey2Food pilot plant. Literature [1] European Whey Products Association. http://www.euromilk. org/ewpa/content_html (accessed on September 1, 2013) lectrofiltration of Biomaterials lectrotechnologies for the extraction from foodplants and biomaterials (2008) Springer Sci- ence and Business Media, ISSN: 1571–0297 [3] Post, E. A.; Rapp, F.; Hinrichs, J. (2010) Separation of Caseino- macropeptide from whey by means of electrically enhancend cross-flow membran filtration uropean iary Maga ine 30–33. Funding The project “Whey2Food – Enhanced protein fractionation from protein sources for their use in special food applications” has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demon- stration under grant agreement no 605807. Further information and project partners 2 3 proteinfractionin% feed permeate 100 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 β-lactoglobulin bovine serum albumin BSA lactoferrin α-lactalbumin casein macro- peptide CMP Phone +49711970-3669 Phone +49711970-4115 23